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We are a company that offers basic introductory training courses for those students who may be interested in working in the mortgage and finance industries once they graduate and give them a better overall understanding of the industry.

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We were established in 2007

We were established in 2007 after whilst at university ourselves, we realised that there were no actual training courses that taught you exactly what to do and how it all works when you actually go out into the big bad world of work! At University, you will learn theoretically from text books but we offer you courses that will teach you exactly what to expect when applying for jobs after you have graduated and what you can expect to be doing in your work place once you have secured yourself a job that you would like to do.

We have industry experts

We have industry experts who attend these courses and so they are also a great way to start networking and maybe secure yourself some work experience for whilst you are at University and who knows that may lead to a permanent position once you graduate.

The courses are for one day and we pack a lot into that one day for you (see Courses page for more details), we try and hold them spread out as much as we can over the UK, near Universities so that students from different cities can join a course and benefit from it.

Commercial Mortgage Rates

We have partnered with a commercial mortgage specialist, Mortgage Arrangers. They offer the best commercial mortgage rates for businesses. As we are a partner, please quote PERA10 for 10% off of your arrangement fees.

Mortgage Arrangers have been established in the industry for many years and are able to access a wide variety of lenders. You can speak directly to a specialist local to you. Commercial mortgages are typically only suited to businesses which have a deposit and trading history.

What We do


The courses we offer run throughout the year so can be taken in term time or outside of it for those who are not necessarily at University but at College or want to take one of these courses alongside an apprenticeship for some more knowledge and guidance on the subject.

CV Tips.

We offer tips on getting your CV right, what type of work experience you should be doing for the exact sector of work you are looking to get into and looking at all the different sectors available in the industry, so you may even change your mind and think something else you had not even thought about may be for you instead.

Contact Us

You can also contact us as we have people on hand online during working hours to help answer any questions you may have regarding booking the course, course content or again, should you have any questions after the course.

Industry Experts

As mentioned a lot of industry experts attend these courses, we try to get the ones nearest to your University who work alongside them to provide even more help and support to you should you have any questions after the course has finished.

We will do our best to help you. If we cannot help in a particular area, we will put you in the right direction of who to contact in that particular matter as best we can. We have contacts who will be able to help you in the industry and will also be able to point you in the right direction of who to contact at your particular University.

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