Careers with Pera Training

Should you come along to one of our courses and absolutely love what you see (which we are sure you will!), you may want to even join us here at Pera Training and think of a possibility of working for us as a trainer.


As we said before, we are constantly providing support and training for all our staff to be up to date with all the latest to do with the economy, mortgages available, loans available and all the latest information that you will need as well as help and support from our current trainers who will be available for you to ask any questions at any time.

If you decide that you WOULD like to get into mortgages and finance and like the way we work at Pera, then you can use our contact us page to get in touch with us and let us know you are interested in becoming a trainer. We even offer work experience and training alongside your University course. We also offer some apprenticeships for those who already know and are definite this is what they want to do as a career and are not in University.

We have training centres in a few locations and so hopefully would not be too difficult for you to come and join us. We offer a very competitive salary and also offer the opportunities to work your way up the ladder. We also offer an incentive scheme where if you able to get people on to one of our courses, you get commission depending on how many people will be on your course and that have taken a place on your recommendation, so the busier your course, the better for you! We have amazing Christmas parties for all the trainers from all our centres and with our special guest speakers. You are allowed to take time off for holidays and we offer more than usual companies do on that front as well.

All the training you need is paid for by us and sometimes we do our own in house training from those that know about the latest changes and can pass on their knowledge to others in the company.

So you could be a part of our team and start training the next generation of students with the knowledge you have gained from our courses yourself and what you have learnt from our experts and with your work experience. How great would it be to teach the students yourself knowing what you know and being able to help them with their questions and queries when it comes to the world of mortgages and finance? Once you were asking the questions and now you will be able to answer them and help others who may not be as sure of what they really want to do and which sector to get into. You could be that deciding factor for them and they may also think, I want to be a trainer as well.