Pera Training Courses

We specialise in basic introduction training courses in the mortgage and finance industry.

Our courses run over the course of a day, beginning at 9am and ending at 6pm. Throughout the course of this day we get a lot of content in for you as well as some practical tasks and games in teams and an opportunity at the end of the day to start wrapping it up with any questions you may have for us or the special guests we will have from the industry on the day for you.

You will also have an opportunity in the last hour of the day to all sit together and have some ‘down time’ for a drink together and reflect on the day and discuss with each other what you think you have gained from the course and of course, if there is any way in which you think we can do better, discuss with us what you think that is.

Course cost is very reasonable and kept at a minimum as much as we can as we know you are students and every penny matters, so the cost for the whole day including lunch and drinks at the end of the day is only £99.

You can pay in three monthly instalments of £33 should that work out easier for you to do. You can choose when you go to book the course whether you would like to pay it all off in one go or pay in three monthly interest free installments.

The course is designed to give you as much as we can for as little as we can! You will benefit from inside industry knowledge from our guest speakers from those who deal with both mortgages and finance. One separate guest speaker for each speciality on the day.

We combine the mortgage and finance sectors into one course as they normally work hand in hand and as we said previously, you may think you want to do one sector in particular, but once you hear the speakers and take part in the team exercises, you may realise that it is actually something else you would like to do and change your ideas and direction completely.

On the day you can take advantage of these specialist expert speakers and ask as many questions as you like and also from our highly experienced trainers who have extensive knowledge themselves of the industry, inside and out, they themselves are sent on training courses to keep up to date with all that is happening.

Timings and Details of the course;

We welcome all your feedback so we can continue to improve and offer the students exactly what they are looking for in these courses.